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1. OnICS iNOTZ is different from other medical software product because:

Physicians use simple point and click menus to enter clinical information on the patientís history, diagnosis, treatment plan, test results and treatment outcomes. iNOTZ then assimilates this data into complete, readable, full-text clinical records and printable referral letters.

OnICS iNOTZ is easy to use and has powerful capabilities, which set it apart from other clinical software products on the market.

2. OnICS iNOTZ is different from conventional medical note-taking dictation and transcription because:

Physicians produce more efficient, effective, reliable and accessible medical records with OnICS software, as well as saving time, effort and money in dictation and transcription.

Developed by professionals with clinical expertise, iNOTZ is configurable to give your individual practice the documentation look and feel it needs.

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