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  • iNOTZ is accessed via the dedicated iPad app available from iTunes App Store
  • Individual screens appear in a logical, sequential order.
  • Each screen has a 'point and click' menu.
  • No typing or keyboard skills are necessary unless the physican wants to personalise notes.
  • iNOTZ assimilates patient data into full-text clinical notes.

The key ‘point and click’ menus follow conventional clinical procedure:

  1. History
  2. Examination
  3. Social History
    Investigation menus include options for laboratory tests, imaging results and histopathology results.
  4. Family History
  5. Test results and Imaging review
    Request tests and imaging and review what has been performed already.
  6. Plan and Recommendations
    Individualized clinical information can be entered by the physician, at any time.
  7. ICD-9-CM AND ICD-10-CM ready
    Designed for ICD-10-CM, ready for the transition in 2015 for USA customers.

What happens next?
After the clinician enters patient information with a point and click menu system, iNOTZ then assimilates the data into a complete, readable, full-text clinical note. The patient record reads as a conventional transcribed chart note.

Secure, accessible patient data is printable as:

  • Initial Consults, Follow Up notes, Progress Notes and End of treatment summaries.
  • Professional, full-text clinical letters based on style of each individual practice.
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